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New Jersey Salt Room

Halotherapy & Massage

Center in Point Pleasant

At Pampered Spirit Wellness Center in Point Pleasant, NJ, we strive to provide an environment which enhances the health and wellness of our clients, our community and our world.  Through salt therapy, massage and other treatments, we encourage individual fortitude and awakening of spirit.

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     Our space is clean, serene, cheerful and welcoming.  We believe that a Pampered Spirit is not an indulgence, but is instead essential for optimal existence.

     We believe a Pampered Spirit is part of the living age and the work we do at Pampered Spirit helps give life purpose.  We employ high-quality talent with diverse educational backgrounds.

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Salt Cabin Halotherapy worked like a charm on my son who battled a little cold - opened his passageways to alleviate his early symptoms.  This wellness studio is gorgeous, relaxing and extremely well-kept!  I brought my son in for salt therapy to assist in opening his passageways which worked like a charm!  I am SO glad there is a location that offers its unique services in my area.  I can not wait to take advantage of the infrared sauna and take part in their wellness classes and workshops.  I highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a little self care + relaxation.  The owner and staff are extremely professional and kind.

Mary Kate Gordon

About time Point Pleasant got a place like this.  Everything about this place is fabulous.  From the moment you walk in, you feel calmness.  From the salt cabin to the infrared sauna and massage, you just can't go wrong.  Go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Nicole Ann

This place is Awesome!  The salt room starts working within minutes of sitting in it.  Staff is super friendly, not like some stuffy spas.  A real nice place.  Great place for a spa party!

Andreas Rebmann

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