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At Pampered Spirit Wellness Center in Point Pleasant, NJ we strive to provide an environment which enhances the health and wellness of our clients, our community and our world. Through salt therapy, massage and other treatments we encourage individual fortitude and awakening of spirit.

Pampered Spirit is part of the living age. The work we do at PS helps give life purpose.

In the midst of growing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus and with an abundance of caution, we are open by appointment only for the Salt Cabin through Tuesday, March 31st. We are so grateful for your support and appreciate your understanding.
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About Pampered Spirit
Wellness Center

Our space is clean, serene, cheerful and welcoming. We believe that a pampered spirit is not an indulgence, but is instead essential for optimal existence.

We believe a Pampered Spirit is part of the living age and the work we do at Pampered Spirit helps give life purpose. We employ high-quality talent with diverse educational backgrounds.

We are based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We support local and small businesses here at the Jersey Shore and small businesses throughout the country, operated in states such as Colorado, Oregon and New Mexico. Our associates are socially driven enterprises intending to provide services and hope to those in need.


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Hours of Operation

Monday: Closed
Workshops & training schedules available

Saturday: 10am-4pm
(Spa Parties & gatherings available between 6pm-10pm)

Sunday: 11am-3pm
Brunch Spa Parties available here!

Tuesday: 12pm-8pm
Thursday: 12pm-8pm

Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-6pm

* Additional Hours Available For Salt, Sauna & Gatherings By Request.

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