Policies, Procedure & Waivers

The Pampered Spirit's Do's and Don'ts for the Ultimate Experience

If you would like to save time before your appointment, Please Print and Fill out the waivers below, as they are pertain to your appointment.

Please print and fill this waiver out for a Salt or Sauna appointment Waiver

Please print and fill out the informed consent for services Covid-19 Form

General Policy

These rules and regulations are in place for the protection and convenience of all guests.  Violation of these rules are regulations may result in ejection from the premises, with or without warning, and without refund.


Do remove jewelry to avoid potential discomfort during     facials/massages.

Do communicate with your therapist - let them know         what type of pressure you like, which scents you prefer,     if you like your feet touched, ect.

Do let our therapist know if you are pregnant, suffer f         from any skin disorder, have a serious medical                     conditions or are taking medications.

Do keep your voice down in the Wellness Center.  The         space should be a quiet, peaceful place for all.

• Do enjoy yourself.  There are a lot of funky seating               options and fun things to do at the center.

• Don't be late!  Arrive 15 minutes early to feel fully r             relaxed and ready.

• Don't eat a heavy meal before-it may cause you to feel       uncomfortably full during your treatment.

• Don't get up straight right away post treatment-take it       slowly.  You may feel lightheaded if you rise too quickly.

• Don't bring any electronics into the salt cabin.  Salt can       damage the components.  This includes, but is not             limited to, cell phones, tablets, music devices and               computerized key fobs.

• Do leave a review so we can best serve you, your                 friends and other potential customers.

Drugs and Smoking

We are a smoke and drug-free facility.  Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited.  We reserve the right to refuse service to those who are under the influence or who have any condition that poses a threat to the health or safety of themselves and/or others.

Cell Phones & Noise

Please refrain from loud conversations, noise and disruptive behavior.  Excessive use of cell phones including speakers and speaker phones will bot be tolerated.  No live streaming is permitted throughout The Pampered Spirit Wellness Center.


Please feel free to take a quick picture for social media, but don't engage in extended photo shoots which could disrupt others.  We encourage our guests to take advantage of our cell phone lockers.  Photography or recording, including live-streaming are never allowed in the following areas; Saunas, Locker Rooms, Salt Cabin or Massage Rooms.  Please respect the privacy of others.

Indoor Clothing Policy & Etiquette

Street shoes are not aliowed inside our facility.  We provide spa sandals and shoe covers for your use during your time here.  You may also wear own socks.  Clothing may be removed in one of our private massage, skin care or sauna rooms, and locked in our locker room if so desired.  Spa robes may be provided for parties, groups or individual booking multiple services.  Please take a shower with soap before arriving and using any of the spa services or sauna.

Age Guidelines

Guests must be 18 years of age or older to enter Pampered Spirit Wellness Center without an adult.  Minors must have adult supervision at all times.

Outside Food & Beverages

Outside food and beverages are discouraged.  Water bottles are permitted in the reception and customer groove areas.  At no time will food or beverages be permitted in the Salt Cabin or Sauna areas.

Outside Food & Beverages

Please refrain from engaging in overt public displays of affection.  We know that love is grand, but we ask that you keep the personal displays of affection in check out of respect for other guests.

Harassment and Safety

Harassment of Pampered Spirit Wellness Center staff or guests, in any way, will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.  We require you to fill out a client information and waiver form and may require a valid ID upon request, regardless of age.  We reserve the right to inspect any personal belongings, containers, backpacks, briefcases, ect. upon entering or leaving our premises.  Possession of dangerous weapons is strictly forbidden.

Cancelation Policy

• Amid the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19, we have modified our cancellation policy to offer greater flexibility to all our clients.  We hope this alleviate any stress and hesitation you have about an upcoming appointment.  If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, and especially if you are not feeling well, we understand and request for you to please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.  To further support you, there will be penalties for cancellations at this time.

• Appointment times are as scheduled and cannot extend beyond the stated time to accommodate late arrivals.  Please be on time to your appointment.

• Massage/bodywork is not appropriate care during infectious or contagious illness.  Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition.  If it is within a 24 hour notice period, the cancellation fee may be waived.

In-House Rules

Upon entering Pampered Spirit Wellness Center, customers will be expired to follow the procedures below:

     • Please remove your shoes upon entering

     • Please wash your hands in the locker room

     • Lock up your backpacks

     • A Pampered Spirit Employee will take your temperature

     • Fill out any necessary paperwork and disclosures

     • You will then be escorted to your service/treatment are