A Place To Heal in Point Pleasant, NJ

        Salt Therapy to boost your respiratory function, improve your skin and relieve stress


Salt Cabin

• 26 minutes:   $35.00

• New Customer (First Time Only):   $20.00

• Package of 3:  $80.00

• Package of 4:  $100.00

Cold/Allergy Special

• 3 times a week:   $55.00

COMBO Salt and Sauna:

• Intro (First Time):   $45.00

The space in intimate, warm and clean and the salt is concentrated enough that you might taste a touch on your lips.  It's an opportunity to relax, rest and breathe deeply.  The session time is less than that of a salt cave.  You'll enjoy twenty minutes of salt, followed by a one minute pause to transition then five minutes of ventilation in the salt cabin.  In less than 30 minutes, you can boost your respiratory function, improve your skin and relieve stress.  The salt cabin seats four people in upright reclining chairs or two people in full length reclining chairs.  Soothing music is piped in while the soft lighting changes colors producing a deeply healing and peaceful experience.

Salt Room, Cave or Cabin - the rise in popularity of the breathing room and its benefits

Spending time in a salt room is one of most valuable rituals that can be experienced in a wellness center.  The salt room is a sanctuary ~ a place to heal.  Whatever state you are in as you enter the cabin, you will likely leave renewed.  There is a physical, mental and spiritual effect.

Salt predates our existence and it is required for human life.  When the salt is heated, crushed or dispersed by the halogenerator, negative ions are produced which counterbalances the positively charged ions in our environment, helping us relax and heal.

Salt will literally pull away negativity from within ourselves.  It's a place where you can breathe, relax and renew.  

The lungs and the skin act as the gateway for the salt to enter the body.  Many people with arthritis and fibromyalgia report feeling much better psychically after a visit to the salt room.  Salt speeds up the healing process and can increase mobility, flexibility and pain relief.


Just taking the time to relax helps to engage alpha brain waves.  Freedom of noise and safety from over-stimulation can give one the opportunity to meditate and release.  Spending the time to breathe and disconnect from electronics and noise can also help decrease anxiety.

Salt can help you breathe more clearly when you take some really deep breaths.  Focusing on the breath and being aware helps release endorphins in the body and enhances the sense of overall well being.

How can a salt room improve my breathing?

Salt draws out moisture, breaks up mucus and stimulates the body's natural ability to cleanse the lungs and respiratory system.  Salt can absorb and remove toxins and allergens from the lungs and sinuses and may reduce inflammation and open airway passages, often resulting in better breathing.

How can a salt room help my skin?

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  The skin protects us from contaminants in the environment.  It aids in excreting internal toxins and absorbs minerals.  Exposure to too many toxins either inside or outside our bodies creates imbalance which may contribute to skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Salt can help balance the pH levels of the skin and allow it to heal.  When your pH is balances, bacteria can't grow as easily, further protecting us from disease and disorder.


When you visit a salt room, you are actually nourishing your body.  Pharmaceutical grade salt has upwards of 84 minerals that can be absorbed through the skin.  You may think of salt drying out your skin but it actually does the opposite.  Salt attracts moisture to the skin.  Salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  These benefits can help potentially clear up skin issues, leading to a clearer overall complexion.