Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is an alternative treatment conducted in an enclosed environment created to mimic a naturally occurring salt cave. Salt draws out moisture, breaks up mucus and stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse the lungs and respiratory system.

The massage services at the Pampered Spirit Wellness Center are among the best at the Jersey Shore. Our Pampered Spirits are professional, experienced, eclectic and excited to provide the best experience for you. Massage is an art at which we are highly practiced.
Welcome to our Wellness Center! We hope you enjoy your pampering experience!

Scheduling a party at the center is easy. Spa Parties are a fabulous and fun way to celebrate with your friends and family. We often help our clients celebrate birthdays, retirements, corporate rewards, reunions, girls’ nights, fundraisers and bachelorette parties. We generally schedule parties on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. Contact Us and one of our Pampered Spirits will customize a party that’s right for you!

If you would like to offer a workshop or training sessions at the Pampered Spirit Wellness Center, please call or Contact Us with your information and type of training you would like to offer. Please check our calendar for the latest events and offerings at the center.

Far infrared heat is generated by waves of energy at the far end of the infrared spectrum. The sun naturally produces this type of invisible light. The warmth you feel from the rays of the sun or the heat from a coal fire is the same radiant heat you will experience in our sauna cabin.

Enjoy all the benefits of our Customer Groove Area and add treatments for your feet and legs. Decompress in our Breath Lounger chair which incorporates So Sound Acoustic Resonance technology. The chair cradles and rocks your body and provides low-intensity, high-frequency vibration while you listen to music during your treatment. We have several musical selections available, and you are welcome to provide your own options. This complete treatment promotes an alpha state of mind ~ deeply relaxed and calm, while boosting your memory, creativity and intuition similar to that achieved through meditation or hypnosis.


Enjoy a private 30 minute meditation in our salt cabin. Combine the powerful effects of halotherapy and meditation together in one session. Guided meditation is focused on feeling completely resourced, while meeting every situation with love.

Meditation includes: chakra clearing and strengthening, loving the body, opening the mind, connecting with guides, and understanding love/trust over fear/doubt. 

You will be able to invite one guest to join you in private salt room meditations. 



Acupuncture Treatments are available at Pampered Spirit Wellness Center.

Our acupuncturist, Barbara Knoll, is available by appointment only on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Barbara is an honors graduate from the country’s largest oriental medical college, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. She also holds a Master of Arts in Counseling and is board certified by the State of New Jersey as well as the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).


“Our mission at Knoll Acupuncture is to help clients of all ages. To achieve optimal health and wellness through the practice and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the process of providing professional support for individuals, we also seek to be a leading advocate for natural approaches to health and wellness throughout the community we serve.”


Barbara uses state of the art technology, The AcuGraph system helps give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into meridian energetics. This simple and painless 2-minute exam is conducted prior to your treatment. AcuGraph uses a computer to display meridian data in visually engaging charts and graphs. This helps give focused treatment to the areas which need it most. AcuGraph also creates patient history and shows trends to demonstrate progress over time.  


Please contact Barbara directly to schedule your acupuncture treatment.

Facility Amenities


The Himalayan salt walls constructed in the main area of the center ~ one in the Customer Groove Area and the other in the So Sound Reflexology Area ~ are designed to provide chromotherapy, in which various colors produced by light facilitate health and wellness. Our salt walls are lit from behind resulting in a soothing warm glow. This yellow-orange-red spectrum can help to detoxify, boost immunity and promote vitality, and is believed to balance the first three chakras. Additionally, the salt helps to reduce positive ions in the environment and increase relaxation. Simply gazing at the walls can stimulate your visual senses resulting in a more fulfilling overall experience at the wellness center. Because the salt may damage your electronics, no devices are permitted anywhere salt is present.

Our customer groove area is designed to relieve stress and enhance your wellness experience. In this area, you can lounge in a variety of unique and zero-gravity seats and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. You are welcome to come early and relax before your appointment or stay for a while after your treatments to prolong the restorative effects of your time at our center.

In the middle of the center, we offer a place to safely store your belongings during your treatments at the center. Slippers or shoe coverings are provided to ensure our center as clean as possible. Robes are available for those receiving multiple treatments. Carbon bamboo towels are provided to guests using the sauna.

In addition to the services listed above, Pampered Spirit Wellness Center is pleased to offer our customers alkaline drinking water at our center. Normal tap water has a pH level that ranges between 4.3 to 5.3. Alkaline water has been ionized to raise the pH level above 7. Drinking alkaline water may help relieve acid reflux, provide immune support, assist in colon cleansing, increase hydration, anti-aging and detoxifying. Studies suggest that it may also offer benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.