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Welcome Back Special!

Maximize your connection while maintaining a comfortable distance. We want you to come and stay awhile.

 Salt, Massage & Sauna or So Sound 
2 hours... $150

Relax in the Salt Cabin and breathe for 30 minutes to improve respiratory immunity. Then you will be escorted to your massage room where you will enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage. Next, you will either choose 25 minutes in the Infrared Sauna or rest in So Sound Chair.

Combination Specials

Salt & Sauna
Unlimited Monthly… $220
One Person… $65
Two People… $100
Package of 5 One Person… $250

Salt, Sauna & So Sound
25 minute Salt
30 minute Sauna
15 minutes So Sound
One time combo session… $75
Package of 3… $200

So Sound Reflexology Treatment
One time combo session… $60

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