Take Time for Yourself

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     Since 2003, Bridget Riley has lived in Point Pleasant, NJ where she is the owner of The Pampered Spirit Wellness Center.  After graduating from College with a BA in Science, Bridget was injured while on a trip in Europe.  Her health was restored through the use of massage therapy.  Because of the success of the massage treatments, Bridget became passionate devotee, going even further to become a licensed massage therapist in 1998.  Working in the industry for a while, she found her niche providing onsite massage services that led her to create the Pampered Spirit Mobile and Spa, which she has owned since 2006.

     With the heart and mind of an entrepreneur, Bridget wanted to design a spa facility to incorporate massage and other healing modalities.  She researched various wellness options, found a great location, and managed every aspect of building the spa.  She opened the doors to her Pampered Spirit Wellness Center in late December 2019.  It is located at 3003, Route 88, Point Pleasant, NJ.


     In addition to offering massage and reflexology, the center also features a Halotherapy cabin.  Halotherapy, also called dry salt therapy, provides many benefits including improved skin, better breathing, and stress relief.  Clients relax in the salt cabin for 26 minutes, listening to music and detaching from their daily demands and electronics, while a fine mist of pharmaceutical grade salt is dispersed into the air.  Because salt is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, the treatment cabin is a poor environment for virus transmission and is completely disinfected using ultraviolent technology between treatment sessions.

     The salt draws out moisture and breaks up mucus, stimulating the body's natural ability to cleanse the lungs and respiratory system.  Salt can absorb and remove toxins and allergens from the lungs and sinuses, may reduce inflammation and opens up airway passages, resulting in better breathing.

     Pampered Spirit Wellness Center also offers a far infrared sauna, which offers all of the benefits of a traditional steam sauna - including a deeply cleansing sweat, but without the hot heavy air, which some find difficult to breathe.  Infrared heat is created by the invisible part of the sun's spectrum, which has the ability to gently and comfortably penetrate human tissue to produce a host of health benefits.  

     As the body is warmed, heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rates increase to help cool the body down.  These effects can result in weight loss, reduced blood pressure and increased blood flow.  The body is detoxified, and fat cells and cellulite can dissolve, as toxins are expelled from the system through the skin, the body's largest organ.  Far infrared heat can also help to loosen tight muscles and improve the tone, texture and elasticity of your skin.  Cells are revitalized.  Many users report extreme stress relief and relaxation following a sauna. 

      The 1800 square foot facility can accommodate small groups of people.  It's a great for spot for birthdays, Sunday Brunch, spa parties, or girls nights out, and of course, couples and individuals too.

     At Pampered Spirit Wellness Center, we strive to provide an environment which enhances the health and wellness of our clients, our community and our world.  Through salt therapy, massage and other treatments we encourage individual fortitude and awakening of spirit.

By Pam Teel